Exterior Painting Services in San Diego

How Exterior Painting Services in San Diego Choose the Right Finish for the City’s Climate

When painting the exterior of a house in San Diego, you don’t have to consider the color, brand, or cost of paint for better results. Another crucial factor is the paint’s finishing coat. That’s because San Diego’s climate brings challenges like rain, sun, and wear, which can damage the outdoor paint. But the correct sheen can easily handle these challenges. Take a look at how exterior painting services in San Diego choose the right paint finish to protect homes against these stresses.

9 Ways Exterior Painting Services in San Diego Choose the Right Finish

1. Understanding San Diego’s Climate

Before looking into paint finishes, it’s essential to comprehend San Diego’s climate. With its Mediterranean-like climate, San Diego experiences mild, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The city receives minimal rainfall, averaging around 10 inches per year, and boasts over 146 days of sunshine annually. Professional painters consider these factors when selecting paint finishes to protect against UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

2. Choosing for High-Quality Exterior Paints

In San Diego’s climate, the exterior of buildings faces constant exposure to sunlight, salt air, and occasional moisture from fog or rain. Professional exterior painting services in San Diego use high-quality exterior paints engineered to withstand these elements. These paints often contain UV-resistant additives and durable resins that provide long-lasting protection against fading, cracking, and peeling.

3. Choosing Paint Finishes Based on Location

Different areas of San Diego experience varying climate conditions due to factors such as proximity to the coast or elevation. Rainfall tends to increase at higher elevations and farther inland from the coast. Also, North San Diego County receives more rainfall than South San Diego County. Painters assess the property’s specific location to determine the most suitable paint finish. For coastal properties prone to salt air and high winds, a resilient satin or semi-gloss finish repels moisture and resists salt corrosion.

4. Considering Sun Exposure

San Diego’s abundant sunshine can cause paint colors to fade over time, especially on south-facing and west-facing surfaces. To protect from sun damage, exterior painting services in San Diego often recommend using lighter paint colors with reflective properties and selecting paint finishes with built-in UV protection. Matte or eggshell finishes are ideal for minimizing glare and maintaining color vibrancy in sunny locations.

5. Arranging Breathable Paint Finishes

While San Diego generally experiences low humidity levels, occasional marine layer fog damages the exterior surfaces with moisture. To prevent moisture buildup and mold growth, painters opt for breathable paint finishes, such as flat or matte finishes, that allow water vapor to escape. These finishes provide excellent coverage while allowing the substrate to “breathe,” reducing the risk of paint blistering or peeling.

6. Conducting Surface Preparation

Regardless of the paint finish, proper surface preparation ensures the paint adheres to the wall. Exterior painting services in San Diego carefully clean and prime exterior surfaces to remove dirt, oil, and loose paint before applying the finish coat. This preparation ensures a smooth, uniform surface for paint application and increases the durability of the chosen paint finish.

7. Assessing Wind Exposure

San Diego’s coastal location means properties face strong winds, particularly in areas closer to the ocean. Painters take into account the potential impact of wind on exterior surfaces when selecting paint finishes. For buildings in windy locations, a durable and flexible finish, such as satin or semi-gloss, is used to tolerate the stress caused by wind-driven debris and prevent premature wear and tear.

8. Evaluating Thermal Expansion and Contraction

This metropolitan city also faces moderate temperature fluctuations between day and night. This causes thermal expansion and contraction of building materials. Exterior painting services in San Diego consider the thermal properties of different paint finishes to ensure they can accommodate these changes without cracking or peeling. Professionals favor flexible acrylic-based paints as they can expand and contract with the substrate to maintain adhesion and protect against weather-related damage.

9. Factoring in Air Quality Regulations

As a populous city with concerns about air quality, San Diego may have specific regulations regarding the use of certain paint products. Painters adhere to local environmental regulations and choose low-VOC (volatile organic compound) or zero-VOC paints whenever possible to minimize emissions and reduce environmental impact. These eco-friendly paint options have excellent coverage, which also improves healthier indoor and outdoor air quality for residents and the environment.

Wrap Up

Choosing the right paint finish can protect the exterior of homes from San Diego’s harsh weather. Professional painters must carefully consider factors like sun exposure, moisture levels, wind, and temperature fluctuations to ensure that the paint lasts longer and looks beautiful for years.
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